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Valentin Fufaev capsule collection
Valentin Fufaev capsule collection

Gosha Rubchinskiy muse debuts clothing line and zine

Exclusive: Russian skater and artist Valentin Fufaev aka @DOUBLECHEESEBURGERVF will also stage an exhibition at Rubchinskiy’s space at Dover Street Market London

As well as his fashion design and photography, Gosha Rubchinskiy is known for the community of young, talented people around him. Among them is teenage British skater and photographer Tom Emmerson, who modelled in his AW16 show. Another example is 16-year-old Russian skater and artist Valentin Fufaev aka @doublecheeseburgervf, who also modelled in this show, and is now staging an exhibition at Rubchinskiy’s space at Dover Street Market London.

The exhibition, opening on June 10th, will be accompanied by a zine entitled DoublecheeseburgerVF (some exclusive excerpts of which are featured in the gallery below) and a clothing line (which is featured in the gallery above). For this project, Rubchinskiy gave Fufaev complete creative freedom, and so he’s behind everthing, from the artwork and video projection in the exhibition, the photography in the zine, the clothes in the line and the images of its accompanying lookbook.

Here, Fufaev and president of Comme des Garçons and the mastermind behind Dover Street Market, Adrian Joffe, go head-to-head.

Adrian Joffe: What is inside your dreams double cheeseburger?

Valentin Fufaev: There are a lot of things inside my dreams.

Adrian Joffe: Do you have a dream to eat a double cheeseburger in America and if so in which city could you like to eat it?

Valentin Fufaev: Gosha hates Doublecheeseburgers.

Adrian Joffe: Do you remember when you first started to skateboard?

Valentin Fufaev: Well I got my first skateboard when I was like 10 but seriously I started skating 2 years ago.

Adrian Joffe: Is art for you a way of expressing your inner feelings i.e. something inside you that has to come out, or just fun?

Valentin Fufaev: I think that art is something highly spiritual for me. I think that art is above me.

Adrian Joffe: What do you like best: skateboarding, eating doublecheesburgers, painting or watching soap operas?


Adrian Joffe: Is Russia these days a hard place to say what you want and do what you like?

Valentin Fufaev: No.              

Adrian Joffe: Russia has a deep incredible culture. Do you feel really Russian deep down or do you feel a man of the world and it doesn’t matter where you are? You can be happy anywhere?

Valentin Fufaev: I feel like a Russian cheeseburger.

Adrian Joffe: Would you like to have a very very big fridge?

Valentin Fufaev: I already have one.

Adrian Joffe: Do you believe in the fourth dimension?

Valentin Fufaev: I'm already there.

Adrian Joffe: Who would you prefer to have dinner with Gosha Rubchinskiy or Beyoncé?

Valentin Fufaev: With Kanye West

Watch DoublecheeeburgerVF below: