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Still from PS I Love You (Ithigi Lithigove Yithigou)
Still from PS I Love You (Ithigi Lithigove Yithigou)via

Harley Weir films female relationships for Proenza Schouler

Exclusive: the photographer and filmmaker captures Proenza Schouler’s pre-AW16 collection in a ‘modern portrait of female relationships’

Proenza Schouler – one of New York’s most innovative brands – has enlisted rising fashion photography star Harley Weir to shoot a short film, titled PS I Love You (Ithigi Lithigove Yithigou). Described by designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez as a “modern portrait of female relationships”, the film features mothers and daughters, sisters, lovers and friends. The cast includes model and Dazed 100 star Selah Marley and her sister, Sarah, along with performance artist Kembra Pfahler and her friend Christian Music.

“These are just some women in our lives,” say the duo, explaining their casting choices. “Some are friends of ours, some are people that we have admired from afar – people in and around New York that had a quality about them we found interesting. Not fame necessarily but a kind of private, charismatic sort of charm. The idea was to explore this quality across all the different kinds of relationships: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and lovers.”

Known for presenting an alternative view of femininity in her work, Weir is a fitting choice to shoot something of this nature. And it’s not the first time that McCollough and Hernandez have collaborated with the photographer – last year, they enlisted her to shoot a film starring Chloë Sevigny that captured the brand’s SS15 collection.

“Harley’s work has that kind of poetic but ‘real’ quality that we are attracted to,” say the designers, explaining why they love Weir’s work. “We wanted to shoot real people and Harley was game to do that with us.”

Watch PS I Love You (Ithigi Lithigove Yithigou) below: