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Apple Model Management

There’s now a trans-only modelling agency

Apple Model Management L.A. is open for business – and it’s looking for new faces

As last season’s NYFW proved, trans casting is here to stay. If you need any more convincing, just look at the blossoming careers of Dazed 100 models Hari Nef and Andreja Pejić. So it should come as little surprise that a modelling agency has opened, which specifically represents trans models. Apple Model Management was founded in Thailand, where it became the first modelling agency in history to have a transgender division. And now it’s opened up shop in Los Angeles.

“We see trans individuals as beautiful,” the agency’s director Cecilio Asuncion told The Advocate. “Our strong commitment to developing them as successful models is never about quantifying or qualifying their gender. It’s never a question of if they are women or men, it’s about their passion and commitment to being the best possible models they can be.”

“But their full potential was never reached because of the stigma the community-at-large had towards the trans community,” he continued. “This has to change."

Not only a model agent, Asuncion directed 2012 documentary What’s the T?, a film that explored the lives of five trans women and provided an eye-opening insight into the trans experience.

Apple Model Management L.A. has already got six talents on its books and it’s looking for more – so if you think you’ve got what it takes, then head to the company’s website to apply.

Watch the trailer for What’s the T? below: