IKRAM ABDI OMAR dazed 100 model molly goddardIkram Abdi Omar
Object Blue Dazed 100Object Blue
HELENA HOWARD Dazed 100Helena Howard
Maeva Giani Marshall Dazed 100Maeva Giani Marshall
Discwoman Dazed 100Discwoman
Slowthai Dazed 100slowthai
Sophie Dazed 100SOPHIE
Sage Adams Dazed 100Sage Adams
Stefan Cooke Dazed 100Stefan Cooke
Elyse Fox Sad Girls Club portrait Dazed 100Elyse Fox
Shon Faye Dazed 100Shon Faye
BBYMUTHA musician portrait Dazed 100BbyMutha
Mette Towley Dazed 100Mette Towley
Luar Raul Lopez Dazed 100Luar
Harriet Middleton-Baker Dazed 100Harriet Middleton-Baker
Kimberly Drew curator MuseumMammy Dazed 100Kimberly Drew
The Never Again movement Dazed 100#NeverAgain movement
Brittany Newell Dazed 100Brittany Newell
Tom Johnson Dazed 100Tom Johnson
The White Pube Dazed 100The White Pube
Adam Eli Dazed 100Adam Eli
Daniel Shea Dazed 100Daniel Shea
Manthe RibaneManthe Ribane
Justice4Grenfell Dazed 100Justice4Grenfell
sadie sink dazed 100 actress dazed 100Sadie Sink
Sorry band Dazed 100Sorry
HYUKOH -Dazed 100 bandHYUKOH
Joshua Gordon Dazed 100Joshua Gordon
Sister Supporter Dazed 100Sister Supporter
Jerkcurb Dazed 100Jerkcurb
Charlie Plummer Dazed 100Charlie Plummer
1010 Benja SL Dazed 1001010 Benja SL
DYKE_ON magazine Dazed 100DYKE_ON
Karena Evans filmmaker Dazed 100Karena Evans
Rosie Marks Dazed 100Rosie Marks
Mia Kerin Dazed 100Mia Kerin
Yaeji Dazed 100 profileYaeji
Antonia Marsh Dazed 100Antonia Marsh
Zora Sicher Dazed 100Zora Sicher
Nakhane Dazed 100Nakhane
danielle neu dazed 100 photographerDanielle Neu
Teddy Quinlivan Dazed 100Teddy Quinlivan
Charlotte Knowles designer Dazed 100Charlotte Knowles
Women In Fashion Dazed 100Women In Fashion
Peggy Gou DJ portrait Dazed 100Peggy Gou
Pxssy Palace Dazed 100Pxssy Palace
Goom Heo Dazed 100Goom Heo
Mowalola Ogunlesi Dazed 100Mowalola Ogunlesi
Sasha Trautvein Dazed 100Sasha Trautvein
Saffiyah Khan Dazed 100Saffiyah Khan
Munroe Bergdorf Dazed 100Munroe Bergdorf
NAKED band Dazed 100Naked
Ruth Ossai Dazed 100Ruth Ossai
Holly Blakey Dazed 100Holly Blakey
OSLO GRACE dazed 100 model Oslo Grace
Güerxs Dazed 100Güerxs
Okay Kaya musician model actor Dazed 100Okay Kaya
The Vixen Dazed 100The Vixen
Sistren Dazed 100Sistren
Millicent Simmonds Dazed 100Millicent Simmonds
Desmond Is Amazing Dazed 100Desmond is Amazing
Broccoli Magazine Dazed 100Broccoli Magazine
Dustin Muchuvitz DJ Dazed 100Dustin Muchuvitz
Aaliyah Rosales artist Dazed 100Aaliyah Rosales
Athena Pagington Dazed 100Athena Paginton
Lotte Andersen artist Dazed 100Lotte Andersen
Holland Dazed 100Holland
Lil Miquela Dazed 100Lil Miquela
Daniel Weiss Dazed 100Daniel Weiss
Rachelle Vinberg Dazed 100Rachelle Vinberg
ALTON MASON Dazed 100 modelAlton Mason
White Trash Tyler Dazed 100White Trash Tyler
Odessa Young Dazed 100Odessa Young
THE SLUMFLOWER Dazed 100 profile Chidera EggerueThe Slumflower
Steve Lacy Dazed 100Steve Lacy
Delfin Finley Dazed 100Delfin Finley
Akinola Davies Dazed 100Akinola Davies
Anok Yai Dazed 100Anok Yai
Jawara hairstylist portrait Dazed 100Jawara
George Ruoy artist Dazed 100George Rouy
Shanelle Nyasiase Dazed 100Shanelle Nyasiase
Jonathan De Francesco Dazed 100Jonathan De Francesco
Ava Nirui Dazed 100Ava Nirui
Gus Dapperton musician Dazed 100Gus Dapperton
Asai Dazed 100ASAI
Gisele Fox Dazed 100Gisele Fox
Ross Lynch Dazed 100Ross Lynch
iggy ldn Dazed 100IGGYLDN
Ludovic de Saint Sernin designer portrait Dazed 100Ludovic de Saint Sernin
Jimothy Lacoste Dazed 100Jimothy Lacoste
Kom_I Wednesday Campanella Dazed 100KOM_I
Tommy Cash rapper Dazed 100Tommy Cash
Eric N Mack Dazed 100Eric N. Mack
NA Dazed 100NA
Arnaud Lajeunie Dazed 100Arnaud Lajeunie
Kelvin Harris Dazed 100Kelvin Harrison Jr
Lucy Bridge Dazed 100Lucy Bridge
DAZED 100 Adesuwa Aighewi model coach Adesuwa

Meet the next generation shaping youth culture.

Since 2014, the Dazed 100 has charted the steady rise of those who've dared to give pop culture a shot in the arm, tapping now-established names including Hari Nef, Adwoa Aboah and Timothée Chalamet.

This year’s list sees noisemaking activists come together with creative rebels, hailing from cities as diverse as Tallinn and Tokyo. Rule-breaking nightlife collectives stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Sundance breakouts – from AI model Lil Miquela to Holland, South Korea’s first openly gay K-pop icon, filmmaker and mental health activist Elyse Fox or drag star The Vixen, it’s your definitive guide to the people whose moment is now.

Vote for your favourites until June 25th to help define what 2018 looks, sounds, and feels like.

Meet the next generation shaping youth culture.

Since 2014, the Dazed 100 has charted the steady rise of those who've dared to give pop culture a shot in the arm, tapping established names including Hari Nef, Adwoa Aboah and Timothée Chalamet.

Vote until June 25th to define what 2018 looks, sounds, and feels like.

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