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Gregg Araki grows up

From queer cinema classics to murder mysteries – the indie director talks coming of age, the apocalypse and why he'll never make the same movie twice

Towards the theory of a dick pic

Best of the Web

Dissecting the dick pic, why there’s so much pressure on LGBT shows to succeed, and, ever wondered if you’re a Virginia Woolf novel? Here’s what the Dazed team are reading this week

Ann Demeulemeester AW15, Dazed backstage, Womenswear, Paris
Fashion Show

Ann Demeulemeester AW15

Sebastien Meunier plays down the poetics and amps up the references – with Beetlejuice stripes and smudged Clockwork Orange eyes

Vetements AW15, Dazed backstage, Womenswear, Paris
Fashion Show


Children of the revolution: inside an underground sex club, the anonymous collective take back subversive Paris

Music How To

How to sing and how to dance

Ghostface Killah's son and Major Lazer's choreographer on how to rule the subway – and the soundtrack from the vogue film they just starred in