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Rolls of film from then and now
Millicent Hailes
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Can’t touch this

Among LA’s seedy strip club scene, photographer Millicent Hailes uncovers a place where girls feel empowered – and we talk to one of them

GORSAD Boys Don't Cry
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Boys Don’t Cry

A bunch of teenagers turn up on Ukrainian collective GORDAD’s doorstep, leading to the latest series of misfits and misunderstood

Francois Visser Thrifting Dazed
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Thrifting in Joburg

Capturing the heart of ‘street style’ in its purist form – explore the South African streets, where thrifting is a necessity not a trend

Annely Bouma shot by Benjamin Alexander Huseby
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Stranded at the Drive-In

Challenging 'girl in the backseat' clichés, photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby talks subverting sexist stereotypes in his latest Dazed shoot, featuring Annely Bouma