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Day bed by Rick Owens
Day bed by Rick OwensVia

What to buy to go with your €1m Fendi coat

Following on from the eye-watering price tags of the house’s couture collection, here are some other things that will absolutely bankrupt you

Last week, Fendi made its Couture Fashion Week debut, with its first haute fourrure collection. Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld sent 36 furry creations down the runway of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées venue in Paris – a sight that, according to Susie Bubble, left members of the audience yelling out their orders. Each of these creations, though designed by Lagerfeld, were handmade by the "petites mains" of the house’s ateliers. One though, was different to the rest. A silver dyed sable which, was estimated by the Financial Times to cost €1m. Not a purchase for the faint-hearted, or indeed, the thin-walletted. But this isn’t the first fashion item to cost the same amount as a house (or tiny London studio flat). We take a closer look at the coat and a few other items with price tags to break your bank:


So why does this coat cost €1m? Well, because it’s made from sable – a highly valuable fur. Not only this, every follice of fur has been covered in silver. Because what’s the only thing more lavish than a fur coat? One that's been coated in a precious metal. It was the first time Fendi presented this effect – one which they described as “giving a unique and contemporary luminous metallic effect to the fur, while maintaining its softness.” Or, as the grande dame of fashion journalism Suzy Menkes put it – as looking “like moonlight on water”.


As part of its "The Icon and the Iconoclasts" collection Louis Vuitton tapped six creative rule-breakers including Karl Lagerfeld, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry and Rei Kawakubo to craft some limited-edition bags and luggage. So what did Lagerfeld create? Well, what is probably the most expensive punching bag the world has ever seen. Covered in the brand’s iconic monogram, this bag (and its accompanying case) will cost you a cool £69,000.


Fashion’s prince of darkness does more than make headline-hitting runway statements and My Little Ponies – he sells furniture too. From chairs, sofas, lamps and tables, his designs may look more suitable within the context of a contemporary art gallery than a home. And they’re made from less-than-orthodox materials, like alabaster and petrified wood. Take, for example, this daybed which is made from 500,000-year-old fossilised timber. Though it may not scream “comfort”, it’s certainly a feat of design. Want it in your bedroom? Well, you’ll have to be prepared to fork out around £120,000.


Let’s not forget the bags Damien Hirst made in collaboration with Prada. Their interiors contain real insects (the Campanotus giganteum, the Nephile pilipes, the Prosopocoilus occipitalis, the Eupholus cuvieri, and the Pachyrhyncus orbifer for the entomologist among you) trapped inside a plexiglass shell. And their exteriors? They come decorated with crystal representations of the species, like a visual reference to his own iconic work. Only 20 of these bags were ever made, making them extremely rare and extremely valuable.


News broke this week that three pairs of Alexander McQueen’s infamous Armadillo boots have been put up for auction. Debuted at final show before the designer’s death in 2010, these shoes have become one of his most iconic designs. While the winning bids are yet to be announced, we can imagine they’ll go for a pretty hefty sum – especially as there are only 21 pairs in existence. Though not the most practical of shoes, they are the ultimate piece of McQueen memorabilia. Don’t feel bad either – proceeds are going to Unicef’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Want to place a bid? Click here to find out more information.