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Moschino Menswear Milan Gif

Your GIF guide to Milan menswear

Gucci’s bohemian intellectuals and Moschino’s clan of Casanovas – revisit the most exciting collections from Milan and Pitti


Baroque bad boy – "Rock Me Amadeus" music video cast, “Harlequin Musician” by Gino Severini, Wieskirche interior, king’s bedroom at Versailles, Mozart graffiti, motorcycle racing jumpsuit.


Old world sting / sensitive rebellion – chinoiserie wallpaper, gingham needlepoint embroidery, wasps on flowers, crocheted doilies, pink floral stripe pattern, parquet floor ballroom, embroidered silk pillow.


Boyhood velocity – drift stage game, Atari’s missile command, leather shorts, 8-bit graphics, schoolboy shorts uniform, Lego racecars.


Desert palette – sand dune at twilight, artist’s palette in Death Valley, topographical desert map, black and white tie dye, motorcycle at sunset, astronomical twilight in Joshua Tree National Park.


The whole world is drowning – anti-establishment protestors, rising sea level chart, Venetian palazzo, fishing nets, “Ahh…Youth!” by Mike Kelley, “Pig Island” by Paul McCarthy.