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Sony wanted to make a Grace Coddington film

Leaked emails posted by Wikileaks reveal that there was a potential movie in the making

According to the leaked Sony emails published by Wikileaks, executives were taken with the idea of making a film based on a book written by Vogue's creative director Grace Coddington. The distinctive redhead published Grace: A Memoir in 2012, an account of her life growing up in Anglesey, Wales before embarking on a career in modelling and later, a stylist and executive.

Sony executive Adam North was clearly taken with the tale - in an enthusiastic email to colleagues he envisions her life story making an easy transition to the big screen. "There's something interesting about a woman going from being a model (on one end of the feminist spectrum) to being an executive," he writes. "Not to mention, I think the world of the book - from running around London and Paris in the 60's and 70's to helping run Vogue in NYC now and her relationship with Anna Wintour - is totally enthralling and rife with opportunities for fun cinematic moments, great characters, etc."

So enamoured was North with Coddington's world that he even suggests a TV series. "It could also make an excellent TV show," he says. "There's so much detail, so many small stories (fashion shoots, her many boyfriends, etc.) that one film doesn't seem like enough time to spend with this character/world." However, he speculates that Coddington would rather see a film made.

So far, no project has ever emerged from this email exchange and we don't know if it ever will. But for now, we'll put Lily Cole's name into the hat for role of playing Coddington in her formative years.