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Milan AW15 GIFs

From Prada’s pastel princesses to Gucci’s new romanticism – revisit Milan in movement


Silk parlour patterns – “The Flowered Cape” by Erte, art deco pattern, chinoiserie, lobby at 450 Sutter Street San Francisco, victorian parlour room, William Morris thistle wallpaper.


World beat rock modern – “Brazil” by Eduardo Paolozzi, rasta mandala, smiley face graphic, yellow stripe leather jacket, mint green guitar, yin-yang bandana.


Candy-coated acid puff – “Volatile Serenity” by Shirley Kaneda, jeweled embroidery, waterproof fabric, “Glyph~Garland Resonator” by Brenna Murphy, “Paris Series” by Edward Clark, edible arrangements bouquet, “Untitled” by Laura Owens.


Metered/measured – “Successive Rows of Horizontal, Straight Lines from Top to Bottom, and Vertical, Straight Lines from Left to Right” by Sol LeWitt, “86-87, 1986-87” and “67-Z-19-43x40” by Martin Barre, “Pre-Penetrable” by Jesús Soto, boucherouite rug, “Estructura in el espacio #3” by Mateo Manaure, “Through Hollow Lands” by Lilienthal Zamora.


Futurist formal  – “Square with Ariadne” by Giorgio de Chirico, “Composition With Figures” by David Bomberg, “Velocity of Cars and Light” by Giacomo Balla, Antonio Sant’Elia’s architectural sketches, “Composition” by Wyndham Lewis, “Vertical-Horizontal Composition” by Sophie Taeuber Arp.