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Miharayasuhiro AW15 Denim Shirt Blue Leather Jacket
Backstage at Miharayasuhiro AW15Photography Fernando Uceda

Miharayasuhiro AW15

A New Age bible inspires the Japanese designer to return to his ripped up roots

Initial reaction: 

A new start for Miharayasuhiro that takes the poetic Japanese designer back to his roots. Inspired by the New Age bestseller Be Here Now by Ram Dass, Yasuhiro went on his own spiritual journey, revisiting his past and the American drifters of the early 20th century. Patched, ripped and torn – the deliberate distressing of these clothes returned to the “imperfect aesthetic” that the designer became known for, with models layered up in stetson hats (worn over hoodies), blankets and jaunty neckties.


An incredibly mesmerising performance by Japanese beatboxer Reatmo, who joined Yasuhiro down the runway for a bow.

Stand out pieces:

The boro-style patchwork pieces in indigo, with America’s 50 states visible on the patches, knitwear that looked like it had been upcycled with fraying yarn ends and the panelled MA1 jackets - a shape that has turned out to be the outerwear of choice of AW15 Menswear.