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Backstage at Shaun Samson AW15
Backstage at Shaun Samson AW15

Shaun Samson AW15

Adolescent, precocious, aspirational: boys walk the runway in plaid and statement slogans to a counter culture anthem

Initial reaction:

Cabin fever: lumberjacks decorated with fur bows and a side order of radical delusion.

How it was worn:

These boys looked poised to kill and then – thanks to the aprons tied around their waists decrying slogans like “Delusional Radical Bliss”, suggesting a kind of June Cleaver fascination with home ec – throw some steak spice on it. The collection’s underlying message was implied in the sayings printed across models’ torsos: that not all was as it seems. 

Delusional, radical, bliss:

"We’re all a little bit delusional, but it’s a good escape. Nothing wrong with delusion," laughed California-born designer Samson backstage. "Have you ever seen Point Break? I’m not condoning bank robbery, they’re surfers but they also have this dark side. I feel like the boys this season are…they’re good guys but it's a fun tongue-in-cheek way of acknowledging the dreams that have been fucked up."

The soundrack to Shaun Samson AW15: