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Rashida Jones MICA film Opening Ceremony
Rashida Jones using the MICA

Opening Ceremony finally unveils the MICA smart bracelet

Rashida Jones stars in the aggressively quirky promo film

It's not been a good month for wearable tech; just last week, Google co-founder Sergey Brin inadvertently kicked off a thousand "is Google Glass dead?" thinkpieces when he left his headset in the car for a red carpet event. But Opening Ceremony is one company hoping to buck the trend with the MICA – short for My Intelligent Communication Accessory – a high-end smart bracelet created in collaboration with Intel. 

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have invested heavily in the MICA; the item featured in the SS15 show and its first campaign was shot by Collier Schorr on Kirsten Owen and Ajak Deng. Featuring snakeskin, semiprecious stones, 18 carat gold plating and a curved sapphire touchscreen, the $495 bracelet is most definitely a luxury product. 

Opening Ceremony fully unveiled the  MICA to the press this week, with Carol Lim explaining its full functionality: "It’s not meant to replace your phone – it’s meant to connect you to as many people or as few people as you want it to." 

That means the gadget incorporates messaging, a calendar, and Facebook notifications and services like Yelp. There aren't any fancy functions like being able to share your heartbeat with another user a la the Apple Watch, but it definitely wants to compete on the same turf as Apple's latest.

Time will tell if Leon and Lim's new accessory will match up to its biggest competitor, but it's at least got a headstart: the MICA comes up in December in the US, while the Watch is set to launch sometime in early 2015. 

Opening Ceremony has also tapped Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation to star in its promo film, which features her as a go-getting boss in an aggressively cute office staffed by improbably hot models. Watch it below: