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Lindsey Wixson as Suzy Menkes and Magdalena Jasek as Grace Coddington at Jean Paul Gaultier's final womenswear show in ParisNOW Fashion

Gaultier goes out with a bang in Paris

With Lindsey Wixson dressed as Suzy Menkes and Magdalena Jasek as Grace Coddington, Gaultier puts on an extravagant and touching celebration to end 38 years of ready-to-wear

Make no mistake about it, Jean Paul Gaultier's final womenswear show at the Rex theatre in Paris was an extravaganza, a fitting tribute to the career of the legendary designer, who will now retire from designing men's and women's ready-to-wear collections to focus on couture.

The 62-year-old designer has spent 38 years designing ready-to-wear, and any notion that he may be in any way jaded by the industry was quashed in this celebratory and emotional retrospective look through his career, with light-hearted nods to the fashion editors that have supported him through nearly four decades of designing.

Magdalena Jasek hit the catwalk unmistakeably dressed as American Vogue's creative director Grace Coddington and last year's Dazed cover star Lindsey Wixson took to the stage as Suzy Menkes. Both Coddington and Menkes were in the front row enamoured by the tributes.

For Gaultier's grand finale, it was clear that he had one thing on his mind – fun. The show was divided into sections, each one glancing back at different stages in his incredible career, and as any good host knows, putting Prince, the Spice Girls and Chic on your party playlist essentially guarantees a good time.

The show concluded with a beauty pageant, won by Coco Rocha, who "fainted" upon being crowned "Miss Jean Paul Gaultier 2015". While a party atmosphere dominated Gaultier's show, emotions ran high as people stood to appreciate a man who has pioneered so much in fashion and changed so many perspectives. Thanks for everything, Jean Paul Gaultier.