Model Behaviour: Lindsey Wixson

Our October cover girl talks Spice Girls and duck tongue ahead of NYFW #tripping

On the cover of our October issue, Lindsey Wixson is #tripping: encased and embraced by floral Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal in a psychedelic other-world, styled by Robbie Spencer and shot by Pierre Debusschere. Here, in denim shorts, t-shirt and no make up, Lindsey Wixson is a 19-year-old girl from Kansas.
Before the blur of New York fashion week truly kicked in, where call times become runways become after parties in a haze, we caught up with Wixson over a plate of cookies. Musing on her childhood in Kansas, and her middle-America identity, she also spilled a Dazed #tripping story of her own: “When I was in China, I tried duck tongue. When you think about biting a tongue, it doesn’t psychologically click that this is ok. It’s really freaky…but nice.”