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Backstage at Pringle SS15
Caroline Davis (ELITE), Iana Godnia (M and P), Sarah Taylor (IMG) Backstage at Pringle SS15Photography Philip Trengove

Pringle of Scotland SS15

Pringle gives a masterclass in techy-knitwear with 3-D printing, X-ray coats and chainmail at SS15

Initial reaction:

Knitwear for the future. Massimo Nicosia took knitwear technology to the next level with sci-fi-worthy techniques and a crystalline, light-infused collection sparked by liquidity, Venetian chandeliers and light reflecting on clear pool waters. “Clarity,” Nicosia said backstage, also referencing Sir John Everett Millais’ drowning "Ophelia", which had been translated into glittering fragments on the sporty silhouettes.

X-ray vision:

At the time of its inception, Pringle of Scotland traded in underwear and hosiery, and Nicosia channelled this idea of delicacy and flimsiness in a series of transparent, weightless raw silk and organdy looks such as a gauzy trench coat revealing its pockets and seams, which he aptly described as “an X-ray”.

Special effects:

Seeing the looks up close backstage was like a masterclass in the wonders of modern knitwear, from the Lurex metal jacquard sweatshirt overlaid with gossamer-thin mesh to the icy white sporty dress where pieces of mirrored sunglass lenses had been placed between knitwear layers – inspired by a glittering mosaic pool. And where last season dabbled in 3D embellishment and surface play, this season went full-on 3D with printed mesh and chain mail effect knitwear. Scotland, please don’t leave us!

The soundtrack to Pringle SS15