Closet Case: Tati Cotliar

Offering unending praise for bum bags, model Tati Cotliar gives us a peek at her favourite garms and threads for the debut of our new fashion series, Closet Case

“I like the idea of collecting things that are not considered cool at all," laughs Tati Cotliar. "I’m not embarrassed to be embarrassed.” Kicking off our exciting new fashion series Closet Case that offers a glimpse into the wardrobes of the best dressed in fashion, music and film, Tati Cotliar provides an exclusive sneak peek into her colorful wardrobe. Previously the face of Vivienne Westwood, Valentino and Prada, the Argentinian currently lives in London and waxes lyrical about her undying love of bumbags, dresses, coats, earrings and hats.