Donatella Versace does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Along with Jean Paul Gaultier, Mary Katrantzou and Victoria Beckham. When will this madness end?

Future historians will look back on these times and divide it into two parts: pre-ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and post-ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Truly, you are nobody until some Hollywood star, usually with a movie to promote, demands that you chuck a bucket of ice water over your head for charity. Today, Donatella Versace joined that list. 

With two topless male models by her side, the designer nominated Pedro Almodovar, Pharrell and Prince to take on the challenge next. "I'm not just here to ruin my make-up," she said, "Please donate to ASL." 

Jean Paul Gaultier also took up the Ice Bucket Challenge this week after being nominated by new muse Conchita Wurst to take part in the challenge. This being Gaultier, he couldn't resist the chance to get wet by way of a muscly hunk in Speedos – although we think he's technically cheating, seeing as he uses a dinner plate cover to shield himself:

In case you've been living underneath a rock for the past month, the Ice Bucket Challenge raises money for the ALS Association in the US and the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK. All participants are expected to give a donation to charity alongside their icy shower.

Gaultier isn't the first designer to do the challenge. In the beginning, the Fashion Ice Bucket was the preserve of models like Cara DelevingneSuki Waterhouse and their equally leggy colleagues. But once Anna Wintour did one, all hell broke loose.

Mary Katrantzou posted a video of her soaking on Tuesday:

While Diane von Furstenberg made everybody else feel bad about their summers by filming her challenge on what looks like a Riviera yacht. Thanks a lot, Diane. 

This morning, Victoria Beckham also got into the act:

Let's just be honest with ourselves – this is all a giant ploy to get Karl Lagerfeld involved in charity Neknominate, right?