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Dazed has been hacked (by Telfar)

To kick off our State of Fashion week, the hypermodern brand using the internet as its playground takes over the site in a more literal way...

As part of our new summer US project States of Independence, we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to take over Dazed for a day. Today, kicking off our State of Fashion week, it’s the turn of Telfar – the NYC-based brand pioneering the 'Extremely Normal™' and using the digital in ways that are lightyears ahead of anyone else. Watch out for a longread on the history of the brand and a pop quiz with brand founder Telfar Clemens.

Forget having their finger on the pulse of the digital, the people behind Telfar are the ones making the heart pump. From collaborations with 21st century kings of appropriation Shanzhai Biennial to creating fake viral videos with artist Ryan Trecartin, the brand is a unique mix of fashion, art and internet culture. Today, working with Telfar's creative director Babak Radboy – founding member of Shanzhai Biennial – and the collective Art404, Telfar have taken over the site in a more literal way, hacking into Dazed itself. Across our fashion homepage and Telfar-related content online today, you can chat to the Telfar bot or look out for gifs of founder Telfar Clemens himself, as he drops onto your screen to hang out. And if everything you should click on sends booming voices saying ‘Telfar’ out of your speakers? Don’t worry – it’s just the models from his AW14 show saying hello.

This animated Telfar is kind of like the cool NYC street brand version of that universally despised Microsoft Word paper clip. Instead of annoying you, he's showing some support for the articles you're browsing and applauding your excellent choice of reading material. Aw, thanks Telfar gif. 

Inspired by those pesky Hot Local Singles chat windows which have been fooling lonely porn users for years, today on Dazed you can chat to Telfar Clemens himself – well ok, his robotic equivalent. Thankfully he won't ask you for your credit card details, though he might ask what you're wearing. Cheeky...A/S/L?

At the brand's AW14 show, disembodied voices echoing 'Telfar' – actually belonging to the models – were played across the sound system to the audience. If no gif should appear on Telfar pages, don't despair – simply click around to hear them.

Also at AW14's show, a group of models emerged from behind a giant leather Telfar bag. Today, you can find a mini gif version of it on Dazed, spinning around as you scroll through the site. You might also catch a model from the AW14 lookbook pirouetting like a Tumblr-era ballerina, so keep hitting refresh to discover all the possibilities.

Special thanks to Art404 for their work hacking the site – and creating gifs like the one of this charming Telfar model.