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Gisele Bündchen in the Balenciaga AW14 campaignPhotography by Steven Klein

According to Forbes, Gisele Bündchen makes $128,000 a day

So, how much do you get out of bed for?

Now that Brazil can no longer rely on its football prowess, it's time for the country to turn to another one of its great economic exports: Gisele Bündchen. Forbes reports that the Brazilian supermodel just capped off the most lucrative 12 months of her career with an estimated $47 million. On average, that means Bündchen was earning a staggering $128,000 a day.

Are you feeling depressed yet? It gets better. Forbes' estimate is tallied from Bündchen's lucrative contracts with brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera and H&M, but it neglects to include her recently-announced deals with Balenciaga, Pucci and her Chanel No. 5 campaign – which means that Bündchen was probably pocketing way more than Forbes bargained on. Just earlier this week, the 33-year-old supermodel lent her talents to the World Cup, escorting the trophy and its custom-made Louis Vuitton case to the Maracaña Stadium in Rio. 

According to the magazine, Bündchen has been the world's top-earning supermodel for almost a decade now, and is sitting on top of a career worth $386 million. So consistent was her earning power that an American economist actually created the Gisele Bündchen Stock Index in 2011, in a bid to measure the performance of the Dow Jones against the supermodel's. (Spoiler: Bündchen outperformed it.) 

And while Bündchen has protested that Forbes' estimate does not accurately reflect her earnings, she's well on track to becoming the highest-earning model for the eighth year in a row, especially given the ridiculously massive $35 million wage gap between her and Miranda Kerr, who placed second in the ranking. Either way, it's good to be Gisele.