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The World Cup trophy in its Louis Vuitton case

Louis Vuitton designs an 18-carat gold World Cup trophy case

The most-coveted trophy in the world right now will come wrapped in Vuitton branding

Seems like Louis Vuitton isn't immune to a little bit of World Cup fever. The fashion house has designed the case for the football trophy for the second year running, providing a bespoke trunk with a monogrammed canvas for some lucky team captain to hoist in victory. 

The trophy and its 18-carat gold, malachite and brass case will be presented to the captain of the winning team when the tournament ends in Rio de Janeiro on 13 July.

Traditionally, the head of the host country will present the trophy, but Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has stepped aside in favour of a much more recognisable Brazilian face: Gisele Bundchen. Which is pretty understandable, really. 

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