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Kenzo SS15 Mens collections, Dazed
Kenzo SS15Photography Lea Colombo

Kenzo SS15

A pop pastel tribute to Parisian style that bridged both sides of the Atlantic

Initial reaction:

If this season's show invite – a key chain of gold Eiffel Towers, sold at every street corner in Paris – served as any indication, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon were happily embracing the roles of Americans in Paris. This season was a bright, lighthearted take on Parisian men and their sharp and distinguished style.


Outside in a rainy harbour, which even led to a few models slipping. Thankfully, they had special Kenzo umbrellas for us!

How it was worn:

This wasn’t the Paris of moody, chain-smoking existentialism, but one of pop pastel colours and giant polka dot prints, with models toting face paint. Even the classic Breton stripe was shaken up, with a few extra lilac and peach lines thrown in. Reflecting the transatlantic pairing of cultures, knitwear had both graphic Les Misérables and Statue of Liberty imagery, whilst coats carried holographic patches of both Lady Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

This season's soundtrack featured an exclusive collaboration with Disclosure: 

Last season was one of Kenzo's three David Lynch inspired collections, with mountainous landscapes at twilight adorning jumpers. See it below: