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Milan SS15 GIFS Versace Dazed

Milan SS15 GIFs

From Matisse in Versace to Monet in Fendi, our pick of the best reference-laden collections from Milan


Life in the lovely and exotic Cuba – Callejon de Hamel murals by Salvador González Escalona, Cuban pink wall, Cutwork lace tablecloth, "The Sheath" by Henri Matisse, Open mesh rattan wicker caning, Net fishing.


First year art school foundations – Cyanotypes, "Vetheuil in the Fog" by Claude Monet, Monitor calibration software, Thrift store blazer, Macbook Pro Silver, "Untitled" by Svenja Deininger.


Rendered stripes from the sea – French sailor striped tee, US Navy pea coat anchor buttons, Net tank top, "Morvah" by Paul Feiler, "VB 39: U.S. Navy SEALS" by Vanessa Beecroft, Royal Army Medical striped silk pyjamas.


Contemporary uniformity, sun-stained and dusty grandeur – "Twelve Hours" by Alex Katz, Grand entryway, Top stitch denim, "Blotter" by David Hockney, "Clapboard House with Fronds and Architectural French Curve" by Norman Stevens, Leisure suit.


Specimen sportsman, athlete hyperbole – 3D sculpted body imaging, "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" by Paul Pfeiffer, Mesh sport boxer briefs, Vintage leather hockey pads, Quilted BMX bicycle seat, Safety running vest.