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Astrid Andersen SS15 Mens collections, Dazed backstage
Sang Woo Kim (Select) backstage at Astrid Andersen SS15Photography Russ McClintock

Astrid Andersen SS15

Masculinity has no boundaries: showing a softer side with sunset-hued, sumo-inspired streetwear

Initial reaction:

Andersen's army of sumo-inspired street fighters, that only emerge at sunset.

The starting point:

“The picture on the invitation is from the first sumo match I went to. It was amazing; a delicate process clashed against this super aggressive 5 seconds. It’s not really about the actual sport; it’s everything around it, aesthetically and historically. It’s sensitive and fragile, and there is a sense of really trying to keep this tradition alive – even the hair takes half a day to do.” – Astrid Andersen.

Masculinity has no boundaries:

Silhouettes – like karate and kimono-inspired wrap tops – were borrowed from Japanese culture and rebranded with Andersen’s name. Continuing her seasons-long exploration into the interplay of masculine and feminine, Andersen worked lace, neoprene and mink in unexpected ways, with macho models wearing basketball vests of purple fur and sheer, sunset-saturated mesh.

The soundtrack to Astrid Andersen SS15:

Last season saw Andersen send sexualised streetwear down the runway, with long hair resting on exposed shoulders. See it below: