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LEGO Streetwearby Adly Syairi Ramly

Your favourite streetwear brands recreated in Lego

From A.P.C. to Supreme, Adly Syairi Ramly has created an unusual tribute to fashion

Forget designer Barbies and feast your eyes on a smaller plastic package: the iconic yellow LEGO man, who has undergone a radical wardrobe revamp courtesy of Malaysian artist Adly Syairi Ramly. Better known for "legolizing" a string of famous bands and musicians including Radiohead and the Sex Pistols, he's now turned his attention to streetwear brands and designers.

After re-imagining over sixty music acts, the self-proclaimed "LEGO junkie" looked to the fashion-sphere for this next project. Armed with twenty influential streetwear brands and an iPhone 5, Ramly gave our jaundiced friend a brick-by-brick makeover, decking him out in some new threads (or perhaps plastics would be more fitting). From Supreme and Stussy to Opening Ceremony, Maison Kitsune and A.P.C – the Danish mini-fig has also been granted a bike, snapback and even a gramophone to cement his style credentials.

“It started out as something I would do just for fun and it will always be something that I do for fun, but the subjects have to be something I have an interest in,” says Ramly. With a background in fashion design and having worked as a designer, an editor and a radio director, it’s no surprise that Ramly exudes creativity. “I’d describe my creative background as someone who has been dealing with creativity on multiple platforms,” he says. As for the LEGO, it started a year and a half ago. 

“Even before my work was recognized worldwide, I had been planning an exhibition here in Kuala Lumpur and now that I know people are appreciative towards my work, it gives me more reason to actually make that happen.” Having already gained support from the LEGO Group, Ramly is set to continue with his “legolized” series, exploring music, film and fashion.

It’s safe to say that our trusty mini-fig’s Crayola red t-shirt is a thing of the past, as is his naked torso. We just wish he was this style savvy back in the day. Ramly's even made a LEGO figurine for Dazed. Check it out: