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Backstage at Diane Von Furstenberg AW14
Backstage at Diane Von Furstenberg AW14

Diane Von Furstenberg's reality show is happening

And it's going to be aired on E!, the same network as Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Yes, the rumours are true: Diane Von Furstenberg is headed for the E! channel. Her reality show, simply titled DVF, will be joining the network home of other reality gems like Keeping Up With The KardashiansThe Simple Life and that onscreen opus to Britain's other royal couple, Katie & Peter

According to the release, the docu-series "explores the relationships between an ultra-successful boss who controls the fashion world and her eight eager-to-please associates in training". The climax of the whole show will come at New York Fashion Week, where a single winner will be chosen to be Furstenberg's Global Brand Abassador. So basically, it's like The Apprentice for wannabe It Girls in wrap dresses.

Surprised? The designer's actually had this in the pipeline for a while. In December, a casting agency was already putting out calls on talent search websites and, er, Craigslist, looking for candidates who would fit the DVF bill. Ideally, you would be a "smart and driven fashionista who appears 20 to 25 and are interested in learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry from one of America's most legendary fashion icons".

And as for what exactly a Global Brand Ambassador actually does, let's refer back to the original casting call. "With this coveted position," it reads, "you could travel the world and live the jet-set life, representing the DVF brand at cultural happenings, store openings, premier fashion events and contributing to philanthropic endeavors!" Sounds good to us.