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Moncler Gamme Bleu AW14

Alice in Wonderland at the golf club, with girls and boys in head to toe argyle print

Initial reaction:

The Duke of Windsor goes skiing at a bonkers chalet, hand in hand with Alice in Wonderland.


A circus of bright and clashing argyle print: designer Thom Browne cited golf – its patrons, heritage styling, and settings – as the design concept. A succession of English stately home-style rooms were created by screens printed like library walls. A model in full red, navy and white argyle perched upon an argyle stool in the centre of the runway, reading a book.

Enter the girls:

The collection announced Thom Browne’s first womenswear pieces for Moncler Gamme Bleu. The girls opened the show in argyle tailored jackets, shirts ties and knickerbocker shorts worn over moon boot heels. They clutched yellowing library books in argyle driving gloves.

And for the chaps:

Layers of quilted shrunken jackets worn over argyle blazers, golf knit jumpers and bow ties. Knickerbocker shorts were worn with knee length socks, and trousers glittered with a dark metallic argyle print. Occasionally the print was subdued into a mono-colour diamond quilt.

Viral moment:

We’d love to see the voluminous, conceptual looks at your average English golf club: a blown up grey and mauve argyle on a duvet-like coat with cape style arm slits, and sleeping bag skirts with drawstring waists for men, and an argyle, padded ballgown with outsized golf ball bag for the girls.