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Topman x Sibling
Topman x Sibling

Sibling on their top 5 cult sci-fi films

With a Donnie Darko-inspired Topman collaboration, knitwear maestro's Sibling talk cult films

After warping West Side Story with their take on Americana for SS14, Sibling have decided to set their sights on a new hybrid. This time by merging sci-fi cult classic Donnie Darko with their dark, British humour. The end product? A collaboration with TOPMAN that’s just in time for Christmas.

The 10-piece capsule collection replaces the iconic haunting rabbit mask, ‘Frank’, with a reindeer skull – its antlers whittled down to bare branches. Other key pieces include the revival of their famous AW13 slogan knits, which this time take on a more seasonal feel, replacing “Please Kill Me” with the ever-festive word “Merry”. To celebrate the launch we asked Sibling to tell us their top 5 favourite sci-fi/cult films.


"Not hard to put this film in our top five. I's a brilliant story and truly beautiful cinematography with characters you can believe in. It's been an inspiration to everyone."


"Monsters versus men in giant robots punching their way through to victory. The acting is pretty rubbish beyond Rinko (am obsessed with her!) and Idris Elba but the incredible special effects more than make up for that. Who needs RADA acting quality when there are machines being manned by triplets?"


"Do not watch this when stressed, over tired or hungover or you'll be sobbing by the end of it. One man's descent into madness alongside his Disney named robots Huey and Dewey. Oh my, am welling up already..."


"The first one. Have watched it so many times and given up berating myself for watching it yet again when it crops up on TV. Love the one liners, true Arnie fashion. In subsequent films I find myself taking sides with Predator though, by the end of the series he's almost the Good Guy. I may be the only one who thinks that though!"


"It's got Keanu in it looking like someone who would queue up outside Electrowerkz for some serious EBM dance off but do we really mind? 'I know kung fu' always has me in stitches!"