Exclusive: Gosha Rubchinskiy x Supreme

Russian photographer Gosha Rubchinskiy teams with streetwear king Supreme

"Political things are not important or interesting for me," Russian designer and photographer Gosha Rubchinskiy told us back in October. "I can't see big problems for artists here like you hear about it in the western press. I still feel freedom here in Moscow." Freedom on four wheels – at least, that's how it is for the post-Soviet youth in counterculture streetwear brand Supreme's latest, "Отъебись" (which roughly translates to "Fuck off!" in English). The pared down VHS-thetic harks back to an early 90s groundswell of NY skate culture, whose ripples are continuing to be felt in eastern countries. Russian skaters hit the pavement in Supreme's latest collection in a visual Rubchinskiy signature: unorthodox teens thrusting middle fingers to the sky as a big 'fuck you' to the machine. "Teenagers are interesting for me because they have an acute perception for everything," explains Rubchinskiy. "My friends are the most interesting thing in Russia for me now."

Check out the full Supreme collection here.