Mona Lisa deepfake images
Art & PhotographyDeepfake technology brings the Mona Lisa to life and it’s too spooky
LGBTQ protest for Chechnya
PoliticsA new wave of anti-LGBTQ abuse is happening in Chechnya
Pussy Riot Veronika Nikulshina
Life & CulturePussy Riot’s Veronika Nikulshina arrested again, with little explanation
Ic3peak Dazed 100 2019
Dazed 100IC3PEAK
Generation Z
Dazed 100Generation Z
Nika of Pussy Riot
PoliticsPussy Riot World Cup protester arrested on her way to receive an award
russia lgbtq community kissing teens nick gavrilov
Life & CulturePhotographing young Russian couples making out to protest anti-LGBTQ laws
russian youth festival
PoliticsRussian police use gay propaganda law to shut down festival
Russia’s popular music crackdown
MusicAfter a crackdown on live music in Russia, artists are asking what’s next
Russian internet freedom protests
Science & TechThousands protest for internet freedom in Russia
Dima Komarov
Art & PhotographyPhotographing the free-spirited youth of a small town in Belarus
Chechnya gay purge
PoliticsRussia’s LGBT activists say there’s a ‘new wave’ of torture in Chechnya
PoliticsAnti-LGBT persecution is happening again in Chechnya
generation z russia moscow fashion collective community
FashionThe bold creative community bringing new energy to Russia’s fashion scene
Russia queer LGBTQ+ clubbing rave scene
FashionThese people are leading Russia’s blossoming queer clubbing scene forward
MusicVladimir Putin wants the Russian government to ‘take charge’ of rap music
Art & PhotographyThe 20 best photos of 2018
Russian youth raving at Клуб St Petersburg
MusicFour Moscow creatives on the future of rave in Russia
Life & CultureThat video of the woman pouring bleach on manspreaders is probably fake
Life & CultureA Russian woman is pouring bleach on manspreading men’s laps
pussy riot
PoliticsDoctors say it’s likely that Pussy Riot activist was poisoned
Pussy Riot’s Pyotr Verzilov during their World Cup protest
Life & CultureA Pussy Riot activist is in hospital after suspected poisoning
pussy riot
PoliticsTwo members of Pussy Riot have been arrested again
nun meme
PoliticsRussia is putting people who post memes on trial for extremism