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Juliana Schurig at ElitePhotography by Lea Colombo

Gareth Pugh SS14

A chlorine heavy, humid atmosphere welcomed a new era for Pugh in colour and softer form

Initial reaction:

Bug-eyed girls go deep underwater. 


Humid, muggy and uncomfortable. Pugh injected the scent of chlorine into the show space, sending us into a strange almost underwater-like state. 

Unexpected moment:

The first look - a pink feather showgirl headpiece worn with a floor-skimming blue dress. This collection marked out new colour territories for Pugh. 

Stand out look:

Reflective latex bodices, reminiscent of the work of sculptor Alan Jones. 

Surface details:

Lots of geometric metallic appliqué. 


Massive sci-fi bug-eyes.


An exclusive mix by long-time collaborator Matthew Stone. 

Front row:

His long-time mentor Rick Owens and French actress Audrey Tautou.


A strong shift in colour palette for the ever-monochromatic Pugh, and the introduction of rounder sharper silhouettes. 

Viral Moment: 

Pugh taking a bow in a t-shirt that said, 'Some people are gay - get over it'. 

Models: Sasha Luss (@RealSashaLuss), Josephine Le Tutor (@JosephineLT_), Irene Hiemstra, Ondria Hardin (@IamOndriaHardin), Diana Moldovan (@dianalexmol), Juliana Schurig (@Juliana_Schurig), Kate Goodling, Hana Jirickova (@HanaJirickova), Yumi Lambert (@yumilambert), Elisabeth Erm, Maria Bradley (@maria_bradley), Catherine McNeil (@catmcneil), Betty Adewole (@BettyAdewole), Katlin Aas (@AasKatlin), Grace Mahary (@gracemahary), Maud Welzen (@maudwelzen), Lindsey Wixson (@lindseywixson), Liu Wen (@LiuWenLW), Hollie-May Saker (@holliemaysaker), Cora Emmanuel (@coraemmanuel), Devon Windsor (@devwindsor)