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Photography by Rachel Chandler

Marios Schwab SS14

Sleek, contoured and sculpted with indigo denim and bejewelled gowns at Marios Schwab

Initial reaction:

Sleek and sculpted.


Contouring and airbrushing, seen in dresses sprayed with mists of blue.

Stand out looks:

Dresses that appeared to be held together by artfully placed bronze staples.

Unexpected details:

Frayed indigo denim.

How they wore it:

Rucksacks with bejewelled evening gowns.


Basket weave caps in black and white.


Black sandals with copper ankle straps by Greek sandal makers Pantelis Melissinos.


Blue by LaTour – the soundtrack to the club scene in Basic Instinct.


Glossy ponytails divided and folded, held with copper barrettes by Husam El Odeh.

Viral moment:

Marios’ name in lights, flashing along the ceiling before the show started.