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Dharma Taylor

A psychedelic feeling on to the body.

21-year-old British designer Dharma Taylor graduated from Rochester University in June 2007, she recently showed her A/W 08 during London Fashion week, The idea for her debut collection entitled Purple Haze was to create a psychedelic feeling on to the body.
Why menswear?
Menswear is the future. It is easy to design for men when they have a specific taste; they seem to know what look they want.

How would you describe your style?
A hybrid of mysticism and a peculiar sense of synthesizer.

What inspires you?
The moon.

Were you interested in fashion when you were growing up?
Not so deeply as I am now i.e. from concept to reality. However I have always had an eye for style and proportion and I've always been interested in the science of hues especially.

What was your favourite outfit from your youth?
An all in one green rabbit pajama set. I used to live in that.

What are your plans now?
Guerrilla marketing to keep the attention. I want to do exhibition of some sort. To keep going and do another collection.

Who are your favourite designers?
Bernard Willhelm, Walter Van Berindonck because these guys have a very conceptual style for both men and women, an androgynous powerful look but with a sense of play.

Can we buy your collection anywere?
A new boutique called Ilil opening very soon in Tokyo.

How do you see yourself in ten years?
As an entrepreneur in Paris.