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Gordon Matta-Clark, Bronx Floors, 1976MISSONI

Poetry in Motion

Looking at Milan Womenswear AW13 through sculpture, pins and puns

Begüm Sekendiz Boré is a visual artist and writer based in Paris, cross-referencing fashion with ideas from fine art and contemporary culture to create new dialogues. Again & Again collects original works by the French artist on the fashion weeks and beyond. 

In Steel DrumsMark Manders had said "You cannot really say that chairs did really well for the health of humans", declining the chair that Toma Stenko would then give to Henry Moore's draped reclining woman. To Mark's relief, in Milan , Emporio Armani introduces  the Adagio Chaise Lounge "designed to support the natural contours of the reclining body". Together with Gianfranco Ferré  who brings Escargot, the table lamp by Le Corbusier,  and six other designers, Giorgio Armani is decorating a Milanese villa deconstructed by Gordon Matta-Clark. 

Just as Missoni jumps over  Matta-Clark's Bronx floors, Versace cuts through wooden parquets traced by Missoni's zigzag trademark. Derivative of punk, Donatella's Versace is a "vunk". In a similar fashion to Donatella, Gordon Matta-Clark used puns and other word games as a means of re-conceptualizing preconditioned roles and relationships, from people to architecture: "AN ARK KIT PUNCTURE, ANARCHY TORTURE, AN ARCTIC LECTURE, AN ORCHID TEXTURE, AN ART COLLECTOR.." 

Derivative of Matta Clark's work, which the artist himself refers to as "Anarchitecture", Versace would then to as Anarchitextile, and Bottega Veneta, an Art Collector : Indeed, Bottega Veneta appears with an Anthony Caro trefoil, while Jil Sander disappears into the back garden to install the house gate by the Italian master blacksmith Claudio Bottero. Gucci arrives just in time with Manolo Valdés Sculptures from the Bronx Botanical Gardens headed straight to Bronx Floors that Missoni has named the villa's parlor. Pucci, meanwhile, keeps his eyes peeled for his beloved Barbara Hepworths in the backyard patrol. 

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