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Photography Louise Damgaard

Pam Hogg AW13

Extreme ballet and show-off panelling in a fearless presentation by the cult VIP

When Pam Hogg shows, headlining off schedule on Saturday night, no-one is in the front row because of marketing or PR tactics, they're there because Hogg is a cult VIP, queen of the catsuit, on a bungee rope from the anarchic days of London Fashion Week.

It's with relish you can write Marco Pirroni is in front of editors, next to Princess Julia who's next to Judy Blame, wearing Christopher Shannon. Industry politics are out the door here, it's more about party politics, nightlife.

Beginning hygienically wrapped and gagged, things quickly picked up after a full-frontal flasher coat. Set to an intense staggered ballet performance out came sheer, panelled all in ones and an expanded focus on dresses. With an energy in the room like no other.

What Hogg needs is investment to develop her killer stagewear, worn by the likes of Kylie, Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Moss and Alison Mosshart, into a slick capsule wardrobe. So if you've got deep pockets and somehow you're reading this instead of the Financial Times, you know what to do.

Hair: Indira Schauwecker
Model pictured: Charlotte Pallister (@MISSCJEP)