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Meadham Kirchhoff

The designers talk Oz Magazine and Meyercord cuties on day two of their Dazed Digital takeover

Meadham Kirchhoff have such a fixation for detail that every season Penhaligon's, the English perfumer, scents not only their models but their showspace, a different olfactory cocktail each time to complement the mood of the collection. Blenheim Bouquet was Autumn/Winter 11's elixir, Artemisia S/S12 and Eau San Pareil A/W12, creating a fleeting moment that will never truly be portrayed by runway images. Such a compulsive streak (as well as trait for collecting) makes Edward and Benjamin the perfect candidates for My Obsession. Here they share their current fascinations with Dazed Digital.


"Oz Magazine and the 60s/70s UK rebirth of it. (It existed earlier in Australia). I love the fact that it isn't really about lifestyle but is about change and difference and that really translates in the format; the layouts, colour treatments, the contributors. I've been into it for over a year, by accident. I collect books and kind of print rarities/unusuals of that era."


"Cutie decals made by Meyercord in Illinois, between the 1940s and early 80s. I have a collection of them I am quite obsessed with. What I love most about them is that they are re-coloured photographs of little furry animals, I love the colouration and how furry or satiny they look. Meyercord made an enormous selection of decals, which were often re-coloured photographs of things but the thing that makes them "cuties" is when they are flocked. For example, you would have a blue bunny holding a chick, and the chick might be flocked so that she is fluffy. I first had a cutie on a piece of broken cot that I found and have kept since I was 17, a blue bear holding a watering can. I loved him because he was so incredibly familiar looking, I felt like he was a distant memory from when I was a baby. I used it on our A Rebours [Autumn/Winter 10] invitation and t-shirts and last year I began to search and research for more of them, finding out where/when they came from. I called the Meyercord company, who had no record or memory of them existing, but they put me in touch with some older people who worked there post-war. They remembered them and told me that Meyercord stopped producing them in the early 80s."

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