EXCLUSIVE FILM: Tomorrow Is Another Day

Amy Gwatkin documents Dazed's August issue story by Ben Toms and Robbie Spencer

Eva Gödel made her mark on the fashion industry with agency Nine Daughters and a Stereo, casting exclusive faces for the likes of Raf Simons, Lanvin and Rick Owens. Eight years later, she continues her success with current project Tomorrow Is Another Day, each of her models having the (genetically blessed) nonchalance of someone striking you might encounter on the street in mainland Europe. Which is appropriate, as that's how Gödel often finds them, chance encounters turning into a movement which has shifted casting's eye back to something more authentic and personality-led.

For Dazed's August issue, photographer Ben Toms and Dazed's senior fashion editor Robbie Spencer travelled to Düsseldorf, TIAD's home turf, to shoot a story exclusively with their talent, an extended edit of which is seen here. Filmmaker Amy Gwatkin captured the mood on film for Dazed Digital, as we learn the story of each model's ascension.

"I applied to the agency because friends told me that I have 'the looks'. Meeting new people, free food, afterparties, wearing beautiful clothes and travelling are the best things about modelling, and if I wasn't doing it I'd still be working in a friend's cafe. I hope to earn some money for studying." Alejandro, 25 years old, Köln, Germany

"I got scouted during a sunny afternoon shopping in Köln. I never thought about modelling before and I was a little sceptical about my quality as a model but I've been surprised. It's great to be in touch with lots of interesting people – other models and photographers – and be inspired. At the moment I'm studying media management so I sometimes have to reject jobs. I hope in future I'll be more able to reconcile both university and modelling. And be successful at both." Victor B, 21, Köln, Germany

"I was scouted on a street in Düsseldorf. I'd never thought of modelling before because I always thought as a model, you have to be beautiful. The best thing is the travelling, it's great getting to know different cultures and languages. Thanks to modelling I am able to speak English although I never learned it at school. Before I got scouted I did martial arts. I am German and European champion in Kick Thai boxing. I'd probably do more competitions if I weren't modelling. My hope for the future is to finish school and get a job, and to always go to it with a happy face." Ibra, 18 years old born in Chechnya now living in Düsseldorf, Germany

"Ibra is my brother. Eva asked him if he had any brothers and thats when I met her. I had thought of modelling before. The best thing about modelling is you can travel the world, meet new people and you even get paid for it. I still go to school and only model in my free time. would change. I haven't really thought about my hopes for the future. My next goal is to finish school." Sulumbek, 17 years old, born in Chechnya now living in Düsseldorf, Germany

"I was scouted on the street by Eva in April 2011. I thought of modelling before but wanted to wait until I was 18, so I was very happy when Eva found me. I get the opportunity to travel all around the world, seeing so much and meeting so many interesting people. I still go to school and want to graduate. After that I would like to study architecture. My biggest hope for the future is to get more model jobs because it's so much fun." Tobias K, 17 years old, Hagen, Germany

"I was on my way to have a coffee when Eva found me. The thing I like the most about modelling is travelling and meeting new people. I still go to school and I want to work with music when I'm finished." Felix K, 15 years old, Düsseldorf, Germany

"I was scouted on the way to a jam session with my band. I woke up very late this day and was tired when I passed a coffee shop with my guitar case. There the scout caught me. The best thing about modelling is to see the interesting spots and how they develop in the pictures. If I werent modelling I would keep on working in event management and promotion and pushing my band's career. My hope for the future is to earn more money by music and modelling than by work. I don't want to be a shooting star but art is my passion. So, why should my hobby not be my job?" David M, 23 years old, Berlin, Germany

"I was scouted at the river hanging out with my friends. My mother told me to join a model agency but I was not sure about it. The best thing about modelling is to travel around the world; my hope for the future is to visit Tokyo and model there." Rudi, 18 years old, Düsseldorf, Germany

"I was scouted in Burger King, I'd never thought of modelling before. The best thing about it is free clothes! My hope for the future? To have a Porsche!" Camillo, 18, Düsseldorf, Germany

Amy Gwatkin

Ben Toms
Styling Robbie Spencer
Hair Naoki Komiya at Julian Watson Agency
Make-Up Janeen Witherspoon at Julian Watson Agency using Dermalogica
Models Alejandro, David M, Felix K, Ibra, Rudi, Sulumbek, Tobias K, Victor B at Tomorrow Is Another Day
Photographic Assistant Amy Gwatkin
Styling Assistants Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, Shawana Grosvenor
Special Thanks To Eva Gödel