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Gaultier Paris Haute Couture A/W12

Karen Langley, Dazed's Fashion Director, on Gaultier's futuristic tribal theme

Even by the couture standards, Jean Paul Gaultier is a dreamer. His vision is of pure fantasy and artistry – once the enfant terrible of Paris fashion, he gives couture a little kick too with his humour and irreverence, clashing recognisable codes and elevating them to daring chic on women and men – the only designer putting both sexes on a couture catwalk. Dazed's Fashion Director Karen Langley reports...

"A Gaultier couture show is what people who don't work in fashion think all fashion shows are like, so camp and fabulous and a real moment. As an editor attending you get excited – it's easy to become jaded and forget how lucky you are to be doing this job and a Gaultier Paris show keeps that in perspective. The amount of skill and pure artistry that goes into the garments coupled with a moment of pure fun and extravagance is really important., it gives you fresh eyes.

Milagros wore a bejewelled jumpsuit that looked incredible. The whole collection had a futuristic tribal thing going on; Catherine McNeil was decorated in 20s fringed beading whilst Georgina Stojilkovic wore what looked like Jean Paul doing superhero; wide shoulders, yellow and chevrons. I loved Gaultier coming out with Hanaa, the bride, at the end wearing his trademark Breton with a matching Breton turban."