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Browns Focus Halloween Horror House

Browns' Halloween celebrations got underway in the crypts of St Barnabus on Soho Square, with Pam Hogg, Coco Sumner, and Daisy Lowe on the decks.

In the fashion world the British are renowned for their love of dressing up, or rather, dressing beyond.  We have all seen the famous photos of the lines for catwalk shows at London Fashion Week, where impeccably stylish fashion editors stand amidst the most outrageously attired fashion fans.  And there is no one more iconic in the British fashion story than the late Isabella Blow, who is famous both for brilliant wit and outrageous millinery creations.

In light of this, that while it is typically viewed as an American holiday, there really seems no better night than Halloween to celebrate British style.  And there may not have been a better place to celebrate then Browns Focus’ Halloween Party at the House of St Barnabus on Soho Square.  The vast Georgian townhouse, which comes equipped with its own crypt and small cathedral, only requires a few low lights to imbue its many rooms and strange corridors a real sense of haunting.  It was the perfect backdrop to the gothic, zombie, and beyond-the-dead costumes that were the evening’s dominant attire.

The Press release for the event read like a catalogue of current British fashion: Alexa Chung as co-host; Pam Hogg, Coco Sumner, and Daisy Lowe on the decks; The Wombats and recent POP cover girls Ipso Facto on the stage; and the likes of Gareth Pugh, Richard Nicholl, Felder Felder, Mark Fast (whose designs are currently on display in the windows of Browns Focus… and on the bodies of all of Browns’ buyers!) and Henry Holland on the dance floor and posing amidst fire dancers in the smoking garden.

But what makes any party fabulous is how it is remembered.  And what makes any party memorable is either a moment of personal or collective peak experience, or alternatively a really great photographer.  There was lots of pleasant conversation, some great music, a few cocktails, and many fabulous costumes.  But ultimately it is the photographs that tell the story, so I would like to conclude by thanking Morgan O’Donovan for coming along with me to the event, and then let the photographs speak.