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A Child of The Jago Menswear S/S13

Parisian Apaché style, Aztec motifs and white face paint inspired Barnsley and Joe Corre

East London based A Child of the Jago have been producing eclectic collections since 2007, pulling a variety of influences from music through art, design, history and an assortment of creative figures to inspire their clothing. Presenting their S/S13 offering in Soho's aptly grand and historic House of St. Barnabus dating back to 1683, their new season seemed coincidentally both at home and at odds in the setting. A sense of juxtaposition was undoubtedly at play, something that runs very much through the core of head designer Barnzley and co-conspirator Joe Corre's brand.

Inspirations were collected magpie-like for the various elements that made up the offering. From an exploration of Parisian Apaché style, a dress code and lifestyle adopted by French pimps in the 1930s through to hobo signs printed across t-shirts, blazers and on the linings of garments. Other influences included Aztec motifs, Lou Reed and Bob Dylan's iconic and mysterious white face paint. "We have these long winded conversations into the night about everything we're into and it's from there that we take our ideas for each collection," says Barnzley. The hobo signs, used by homeless people in America at the end of the 19th century to communicate with other travellers, were one such conversation that spawned a new idea. "They have been used by Basquiat in paintings and are relatively known, but I just loved the idea of people leaving messages for each."

A sense of deconstructed and reconstructed tailoring were very much at the centre of the clothes for this season, along with work wear elements in classic jackets and a feel of revisited 1940s military. Details included a Child of the Jago tweed woven in the style of classic market bought laundry bag 'tartans', printed silks appliqued onto tshirts and jackets alongside a play with shape and volume.

Acknowledging the label's heritage of working with creative and iconic figures from East London, this season the inspiring model, stylist, boutique owner and figure on London's creative scene, James Jeanette, has come on board. Consulting for and representing the label, Jeanette is a great ambassador for A Child of the Jago. Contributing his sharp eye and creative knowledge and understanding, James adds something new and fresh to the multifarious concept. "It's all a melting pot, isn't it darling," he says.