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Getting Dizzy with Antoine Peters

The Dutch designer talks to us about his latest collection, launched during Amsterdam’s Salon/2

Injecting some humour in his designs and in fashion-related projects has always been a priority for Antoine Peters. Yet in his Spring/Summer 2012 collection, entitled 'Get Dizzy!', Peters pushed his graphic style even further coming with playful smudged polka-dots and digital prints borrowed from Pop culture. The designer recently finished filming a special video that will accompany the collection, available to watch on YouTube and on Antoine Peters’ own site from the beginning of July, while his collection will be launched at Amsterdam-based conceptual design company Droog as part of the Salon/2 platform.

Dazed Digital: Where does the name of the new collection come from?
Antoine Peters:
I’m usually inspired by Pop culture and the will to spread a little smile. “Get Dizzy!” is about the contradictions in all things and in life. Indeed on one hand the world that we live in is speeding up like a madman and it can make you dizzy very easily, while, on the other, it offers amazing possibilities and I think everybody should “get dizzy” by doing something a little bit crazy sometimes! 

DD: You’ve also been working on a special stop-motion video to accompany the collection, can you tell us more about it?
Antoine Peters:
I’ve always tried to experiment with alternative ways of presenting fashion, but, instead of just making a video, this time I wanted to actually combine together the images, music and garments into one Wonderland that felt at the same time raw and real and stop-motion seemed to be the right medium. Marc Deurloo did the photography, Karen van de Kraats the typography and the soundtrack is composed by Krause and Jeroen Joosten. The video looks normal when it starts, but, during it, the model gets more and more dizzy, the designs crazier and the music more mesmerising. The last outfits almost steps out of reality, and, at the very end, the model is clad in a 5-metre-long dress. 

DD: Why are you launching the collection at Droog?
Antoine Peters:
The installation is part of SALON/2, a crossover experience to inspire and instigate a discussion and dialogue between art, design and fashion, that will be taking place in various locations across Amsterdam from 1st to 17th July. Droog is one of the locations and, since I’m very interested in product design, the choice felt quite natural. My designs are indeed very much connected with the conceptual, quirky yet down-to-earth Droog universe a lot!  

DD: What will the installation look like?
Antoine Peters:
There will be a big screen with the “Get Dizzy!” video together with music and the collection will be displayed on a little forest of spinning mannequins.

DD: Did you develop any special accessories to go with this collection?
Antoine Peters:
The collection consists in six dresses, a series of T-shirts and a silk twill scarf with the collection signature print, but I also developed together with Jelske Peterson very funky made-to-order shoes with twisted leather.

DD: Have you been working on any further products in connection with Eastpak?
Antoine Peters:
We will definitely do a new project together as we were happy with the first “Antoine Peters x Eastpak” bag series. I keep on getting pictures on my Facebook page showing people from all over the world carrying the bag and I think this is the biggest compliment a design and a designer can get. It always makes me feel honoured when people pick my designs: now it’s their turn to spread a little smile around!

Antoine Peters’ “Get Dizzy!” video and collection will be exhibited from July 1 -17, 2011 at Droog, Staalstraat 7b, Amsterdam. The event is part of Salon/2