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Cassette Playa A/W11

Carri Mundane's London-based menswear label brought along neon brights to augmented reality and digital videos for her LFW show

Entitled 'Carni Cannibal Palace', the new A/W11 collection from London-based designer Carri Mundane's Cassette Playa takes the form of a horror story filled with fluoro colours and prints. Self-described as "a debauched sea side resort where gangs of thugs roam the streets, their uniform of saturated prints, silks and leathers reflected in the flashing neons and crude airbrush of the deserted boardwalk" - The signature CGI digital prints on denim, chiffon, lycra and jersey are displayed against futurist graphics aswell as embroidery, and hand-painted Napa leather. For the first season Cassette Playa introduces knitwear in merino wool, oversized hand-knit hoodies, plus a special graphic collaboration with Sibling, as well as UK-based heritage brand Lavenham.

Having first launched in 2007 at Fashion East MAN, going on to present at Pitti Uomo, CP_AW11_12 is Cassette Playa's first on schedule show. Mundane also presented the world's first Augmented Reality fashion show alongside digital video booths that toured the BFI, Barbican London and OneDotZero Russia. Also launching is the Cassette Playa x Ken collection, an exclusive collaboration with Mattel + Ken. The collection features limited edition versions of CP signature oversized silk digital print tees in repeats of 3D gold ken and 3D rainbow roses.

Dazed Digital: You previewed your A/W11 collection at LFW, what was the reaction to the new collection?
Carri Mundane:
Everyone has reacted so postively, I'm still on a high from the show. I think it was important for me to show on catwalk again after two seasons of digital presentations and another pure sales. Im still interested in alternative more interactive ways to present but a catwalk - espescially on schedule - takes it back to being about the clothes.

DD: Can you tell me about your collaboration with ken and how that translated to this collection?
Carri Mundane: I did a capsule collection for mattel = CP x Ken, and in return they sponsored the show. The CP x Ken collection is very different to the mainline A/W11, it's all black and gold (it's ken's 50th this year) and crystal bling. Ken is the ultimate boyfriend so I wanted to explore 2011 romance: text messaging, CGI roses and thug love!

DD: What is Carri Mundane’s essential A/W11 item?
Carri Mundane: CP x Lavenham fur tribal quilted jacket.

DD: What’s next for Cassette Playa?
Carri Mundane: We are already installing our digital booth "I can haz ur everything, I already have"... hitting Dazed Live, the booth has already toured barbican, BFI + onedotzero Russia. Currently working on S/S12 (year of the apocalypse! Ragnarok?), some new collaborations and S/S12 will feature a full womenswear line.