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Stuart Vevers' Loewe Life

The Brit designer in charge of the Spanish label's luxurious leather goods and runway collection talks to us about Loewe's first London store

Spanish luxe brand Loewe has always been quietly confident amongst the company of its LVMH peers. This is due to over 150 years of experience and heritage supplying the Spanish Royal family with leather goods, and having worked with talented tradesmen who's passed down their skills over generations. Today, the label - as proven by its A/W11 Paris show - is a major player on the international fashion scene. Dazed Digital spoke to Stuart Vevers, the leather brand's Creative Director, about launching their first stand-alone shop on London’s Mount Street.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us a bit about Loewe’s history?
Stuart Vevers: It started in 1846 as a workshop in Madrid, specialising in made to order cases and book covers. Starting to open stores in the 1930’s, interestingly one or two of those stores still exist today. I guess a big turning point was 1975, the end of the dictatorship and became a golden age for the house.  We started to expand internationally and into fragrance and clothing.  Bringing out our most iconic bag the Amazona to represent a new freedom for women.

DD: You came to Loewe in 2008 - what was your aim when joining the brand?
Stuart Vevers: I wanted to really go to the core of what Loewe was all about. At the same time taking those core values and pushing them forward with more creativity and making sure that everything we did was relevant to today

DD: What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?
Stuart Vevers: The fact that Loewe is now known for what it’s does best and what it’s always done best.  I’m really proud that it’s now carried and worn by the most amazing women in the world.  And I think that this brand really deserves that, they’ve been under the radar for a long time.

DD: This is London’s first stand alone shop, what made you decide to do it now?
Stuart Vevers: Loewe’s very well known and we have a lot of stores around the world, but it hasn’t had a strong presence in the fashion cities of the world.  This has been a big objective of mine to make that presence more felt, with a space we can call our own.

DD: And what made you decide to have it in Mayfair?
Stuart Vevers: There’s something about intimate spaces that I think fits where the brand is in London right now, we’re reintroducing ourselves as a strong niche brand.  We’re not trying to do everything; we want to be known for a few things really well. 

DD: Peter Merino designed both the Valencia and London stores what appealed about him?
Stuart Vevers: It was very exciting for me that it felt like we were being taken seriously as a brand using the top fashion architect. He’s given much more to Loewe then just the space of the store, he’s been really inspiring and has got lots of ideas, he’s an all-rounder.

DD: Can you sum up Loewe’s latest collection?
Stuart Vevers: A bold take on the Loewe signature, with quite a sexy feeling bubbling underneath.  It was definitely about the character, I had lots of people in mind.

DD: Do you think you’ll offer more clothing in the future?
Stuart Vevers: When you think of leather Loewe should for me be the main brand that comes to mind.  We have five women and men’s collections a year, so we have the business it’s just over shadowed by the bags.  And because a lot of the business we do with clothing isn’t out of the shop. You don’t want to see them racked up you want to see that it’s special.

DD: What are your future plans for Loewe?
Stuart Vevers:
A combination of new and refurbishing our existing stores.  We also have a big focus on our made to order service on both accessories and clothing.

Loewe, 125 Mount Street, London T. +44 207 499 0266