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Courtesy of @by_katie_b

The best halloween beauty looks, from the classic to chaotic 2020

From ghosts to devils and Joe Exotic to Among Us, here are some of our faves and how you can recreate them

It’s spooky season, kids! While the days leading up to the big scary celebration would usually see people desperately cutting holes in bedsheets for a last min ghost costume, with this year’s pandemic, it doesn’t look like anyone will be doing much haunting outside of their own homes (how very American Horror Story). 

That is unless you’re Kylie Jenner and you’re building fake houses in your back garden just so you can still go trick-or-treating. Yeah, seriously. 

Instead, we’re guessing your only plans are to wrap yourself up in all that toilet roll you hoarded for absolutely no reason and sit on your sofa as a depressed mummy. As fun as that sounds, we have a better suggestion – go all out on a Halloween beauty look, just to let everyone know that you’re still that bitch. 

Here, we’ve rounded-up some of our faves so far from creatives on Instagram, from classic costumes like vampires, Jack-O’-lanterns, and ghosts, to the incredibly chaotic 2020-inspired Joe Exotic and Among Us looks. Feast your eyes and try them out for yourself.