Beauty Feature

Chanel Beauty Sylvie Legastelois
FeatureMeet Chanel’s Sylvie Legastelois, a pioneering voice in beauty design
Dazed and Confused (1993)
FeatureWhy the cool girl beauty of Dazed and Confused still resonates today
FeatureWe were never supposed to see our own faces this much
Genital piercings gender affirming
FeatureHow people are using genital piercings to affirm their gender
why are we so obsessed about lobotomies
FeatureWhy are we so obsessed with lobotomies?
Collina Strada AW23 NYFW Dazed Cris Fragkou
BackstageEnter Collina Strada’s weird, wild world of beauty
Emma Mackey Mario Sorrenti courtesy of Burberry Beauty
FeatureA blind speed date with Emma Mackey
Jo Malone London Adwoa Aboah
FeatureHow Adwoa Aboah brought real talk to the mainstream
Princess Gollum
hairHow the Mallen streak became a sign of feminine transgression
Black Swan (2010) eating disorders on screen
FeatureWhy is it so hard to portray eating disorders on screen?
Kathy acker bodybuilding gym weights lifting
FeatureHow Kathy Acker’s bodybuilding fuelled her raucous art
Sabrina Carpenter and her blueberry milk nails capitalism
FeatureBlueberry milk nails aren’t real – none of it is
Blast over tattoos
FeatureBlast-overs: the tattoo trend that embraces your body art regrets
The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001
FeatureWill it ever be ‘cool’ to quit smoking?
Tsu Lange Yor Troye Sivan
FeatureTroye Sivan: ‘Making fragrances has always been my fantasy’
How sustainable is refillable packaging really on repeat
FeatureHow sustainable is refillable packaging really?
FeatureNow everyone wants to get their permanent make-up removed
My Dinner with Andre people look older in the past
FeatureWhy did people in the past look so much older?
Beauty salons in Afghanistan
FeatureWhat the Taliban’s beauty salon ban means for Afghan women
FeatureWhat happens when penis enlargement surgery goes wrong?
Barbie’s facialist flawless plastic skin of a doll
Feature5 ways to get Barbie’s perfect, plastic-fantastic skin
Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 17.14.37
FeatureHow gender-affirming ASMR videos are helping trans youth
TikTok’s Black gyarus, a niche within a niche
FeatureInside the growing online community of Black gyarus
Carrie, 1976
FeatureMenstrual magick: how to use your period blood for spells