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jeffree star sweaty lipstick mystery box

Fans complain Jeffree Star’s mystery boxes contain ‘sweaty’ lipsticks

Complaints on Twitter have surfaced after last month’s drop

Only a few months after beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill found herself under fire for sending out ‘mouldy’ lipsticks – that led to her deleting her social media and only just returning recently – Jeffree Star has also found himself in a similar situation. 

Following the release of his Mystery Box drop at the end of last month, fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment after receiving ‘sweaty’ lipsticks, covered in an unidentified moisture. Elsewhere, another handful of fans complained about not receiving their boxes at all – not getting anywhere with Star’s customer service team to rectify or refund. 

“I just got my Jeffree Star mystery box and can someone tell me if this is normal? The whole Jaclyn hill situation has me so freaked out and I’ve never seen this before,” says one fan on Twitter. Another adds: “Is this normal got one of my Jeffree Star Mystery boxes today and my Gargoyle lip ammunition has sweat all over it and kinda smells.” 

After @KnopeSara reached out to the customer service team to complain – her lipstick was covered in yellow patches too – she was assured that all products are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse before being shipped and that it’s normal for drastic changes to cause the seed oil to sweat out. She remains sceptical: “I do have questions tho. What kind of seed oil? Seems ambiguous. Also how can you assure me that it's not going to be a dry crumbly lipstick after the oil has come out and not gone back in?” 

Jeffree has yet to comment on the situation.