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Wales Bonner special, photography Harley Weir, styling Tom Guinness, taken from THE SPRING/SUMMER 2016 ISSUE of Dazed

An introduction to chanting

In the final episode of our wellness podcasts, we’re going to be looking at chanting

Welcome to the Dazed Beauty Digital Spa, a space where you can come to escape the stresses of everyday life. From ASMR to chanting, in this section, we'll be hosting a series of interactive podcasts that explore the role of sound in wellness. 

Nikki Slade is a leading pioneer in the field of chanting, core voice and sound work in the UK. For Nikki - chanting plays an integral role in wellness. The vibrations of the music and the act of singing sacred prayers in Sanskrit (it’s the oldest language in the world) either alone or in a group, free her from anxieties of everyday life and help her on her way to feeling calmer. Nikki discovered chanting in her 20s - it helped her come through a difficult period in her life. Now she’s running sessions in prisons, recording albums and even led a chant during the Extinction Rebellion protests this year. Have a listen