Dazed Beauty


BodyTeens on TikTok are removing their own IUDs and doctors are freaking out
Teeth Sparkle
HeadThese bedazzled tooth gems are autumn’s hottest Y2K accessory
Russ1an B1tch POTW
HeadThis face and body paint creates kaleidoscopic looks with minimal fuss
James Charles
HeadJames Charles and Morphe split ways after sexual misconduct allegations
HeadWhat’s the gloss? A slick, sexy shoot throwing back to 00s glam
Hera Beauty, Jennie Blackpink
HeadHow to buy Jennie from BLACKPINK’s favourite Korean beauty brand Hera
Tetris collection
HeadGet stacking! A Tetris-inspired make-up collection is here
Gigi Hadid
HeadGigi Hadid channels The Queen’s Gambit with a new ginger hairstyle
James Charles grooming accusations snapchat TikTok
HeadJames Charles responds to allegations he groomed a 16-year-old
cara delevingne model haircut hair shag trend
HeadCara Delevingne’s new shag haircut brings the hair trend into 2021
kris jenner skin skincare brand beauty
HeadStep aside Kim & Kylie: Kris Jenner wants her own beauty brand
Huda Beauty – Article Cover
HeadHow to win yourself a Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette
lil uzi vert pink diamond forehead implant
HeadLil Uzi Vert on why he got his $24m pink diamond forehead implant
goop vibrator sex toy sexual wellness
BodyGoop just dropped its first vibrator
avani reyes gorilla glue girl viral hair tiktok
HeadThere’s another Gorilla Glue Girl and we’re so tired of this saga
HeadA man might lose his top lip after copying Gorilla Glue Girl
hazel gaskin candice bailey hair self-care photography
HeadMy Crown: these alluring portraits celebrate hair in all of its glory
tessica brown gorilla glue girl hair tiktok viral
HeadGorilla Glue apologises to the girl who put it in her hair
Gigi Hadid
HeadGigi Hadid claps back at plastic surgery rumours again
morphe makeup brand instagram asos
HeadAll your Morphe faves will now be available on ASOS
Billie Eilish hit accelerate – spring/summer 2020
BodyBillie Eilish opens up about starving herself and taking diet pills
pippa barnes colourful eye bags dark circles TikTok
HeadTikTok is over dark circles, colourful eye bags are the new make-up trend
starface pimple patch skincare uk superdrug
HeadStarface, your cute skincare fave, is coming to the UK
Billie Eilish lips overlined Instagram
HeadBillie Eilish wants you to stop saying she overlines her lips