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Feeling low? This museum will text you art to fit your mood

The San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art has you covered

Modern art is going viral thanks to a new "art-texting" service from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Send Me SFMOMA lets art fans text them the words “Send Me” at 572-51 and a keyword, colour, mood or emoji. You get back a piece of art from its collection that matches. 

The service has data on all of the 35,000+ pieces of art in the collection, and will send a picture of the piece, artist, title and date. After going viral earlier this week the museum recieved over a quarter of a million text messages.

SFMOMA'S collection is so large that only about 5 per cent of it can be displayed in the galleries at any given time and the MOMA say that in order to walk past every piece of artwork they have displayed you’d need to trek about seven miles.

Although we wouldn't want ot encourage laziness, this is certainly a way to get cultural without having to leave your chair. Artworks you could be sent range from Picasso to German sculptor Katharina Fritsch.

The service is currently only available in the US but thanks to the reaction of users, the museum have said they're looking into ways to extend its reach.