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Ghost in the Shell
via Paramount

Watch the first full-length scene from Ghost in the Shell

The action-packed clip sees Major go in as the robot geishas cause havoc

We’re just a week away from the release of the huge live-action adaption of Ghost in the Shell. Despite being dogged by criticism for whitewashing its main characters and letting people run rampant with memes, the filmmakers have dropped a five-minute clip from the sci-fi thriller.

The short clip sees Major, the cyborg-human hybrid combatting terrorism played by Scarlett Johansson, crash into a business meeting that the creepy robot geishas and machine-gun toting men in suits are causing chaos in. The sprawling landscape, as Major surveys the city, calls to mind the visuals of Blade Runner and the Matrix. You can watch how the terrifying robots that seem to be sucking data from people’s brains are made in a behind-the-scenes clip here.

Ghost in the Shell was originally adapted from Masamune Shirow’s 1989 manga, which was animated for film in 1995. It sees Major, while leading her elite task force against extremists, search to uncover her true start in life.

Watch the action-packed clip below and anticipate the film release on March 31.